WM_LogoYour “Total Solution” Uniform Provider

WM Uniform Group serves a variety of industries primarily in security, parking, transportation and gaming sectors. Since 1996, our company has been providing one-stop shopping for customers in Canada. We are committed to offering the highest quality products at a very competitive price. We are constantly working with our customers to reduce uniform costs and are catering to our customers’ needs with superior level of service, guidance and expertise. We strongly believe that we are an extension of our customers and take responsibility for our customers’ success.


Premium Service

WM Uniform Group plays an advisory role by providing innovative solutions for customers. We assist our customers in selecting appropriate designs incorporating the customers’ special needs, and in selecting the best fabric taking into account durability, comfort and care.


Value-Added Programs

WM Uniform Group offers a stocking program to facilitate scheduling and delivery for customers’ emergency needs. Also, customers have an option to buy direct from factories resulting in savings to customers without compromising on quality.


Seamless Customer Care

Our experienced team members work closely with customers to ensure that expectations are met. We are well known for meeting tight deadlines and solving any uniform problems that customers may have. We take pride in customer satisfaction by staying flexible and providing exceptional, responsive and speedy service.